Living Image Taxidermy
Preserve your trophies for a lifetime of great memories!

Price List*

Shoulder Mount $600
Lifesize Starts at $1200

$150 (Includes plaque) $125 (no plaque)

Horn Mount

$75 (Includes plaque)

Turkey $800
with a limb $900
Ducks $325
Small Game
Shoulder Mount $250

Life Size

Squirrels, Mink


Coyote, Fox, Bobcat        




Fish (Includes driftwood)
Skin mounted freshwater fish $14 per inch
Skin mounted panfish Starts at $200
Replicas $150-$250 plus cost of replica.

We will require a 50% deposit before any work is started, with the exception we may skin and begin to prepare hide for mounting to optimize freezer space.

All open mouth on large & small game, add $100.

Deer mounts with antlers still in velvet, add $100.00

For any large game or other unlisted above, please contact us for price estimate.

Any plaques, scenes, or habitats are not included in above prices, with the exception of driftwood and plaques as specified above.

Most saltwater and catfish are done as replicas

*All prices listed are subject to change.